Christian Science services include hymns, prayers, and warm fellowship. Also, instead of ministers giving personal sermons, democratically elected laypeople read quotes or “readings” from our “pastor,” which is the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy.  Every church around the world will feature similar readings on Sundays. They may also simultaneously offer classes for Sunday School students under the age of 20. At Wednesday testimony meetings, the readings are unique from one church to the next, and participants are invited to spontaneously share gratitude and testimonies of healingmore about church services 

Along with church services and Sunday School, Christian Science churches and societies around the world maintain public Christian Science Reading Rooms and sponsor public talks/lectures. Additional church activities vary widely from church to church, and may include community service, care committees, chaplain services in correctional facilities, etc. Of course church members may also serve individually in their communities by participating in many public charities and causes. Be sure to ask what is going on in your area. And, feel free to join our public dialogue about Church Alive: the spiritual basis and awakening impact of Church. Most of all, you are invited to join our members in praying daily about the worldmore about other activities

In Singapore, you are cordially invited to attend one of our church services:

  • Every Sunday morning at 10am.
  • The first Wednesday of every month at 8pm.

Currently, all our services are held online on Zoom. For further inquiries, please email us via the form below or call a Society member at +6597397658. ALL ARE WELCOME!


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